About Chicago Peace Camapgin

This campaign is not an anti-violence effort, it is a peace effort.

The Chicago Peace Campaign was launched in March of 2009 as an effort to organize Churches in Chicago and empower them to engage in peacemaking activities throughout the city. Our primary goal is to make an impact in neighborhoods around the city that had been rocked by violence which claim more and more lives every year.

We occupy the corners of some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago during the most dangerous times with physical lights & spiritual lights (people). During that time we pray, have communion and Make Peace Happen!

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2009 Peace Campaign



In the summer of 2009 violent crime showed an overall reduction of 11% in the neighborhoods of Englewood, North Lawndale and Woodlawn where the Peace Campaign took place.

2010 Peace Campaign



In the summer of 2010 violent crime showed a reduction of 5% in englewood where the Peace Campaign took place.

2016 Peace Campaign



The Peace Campaign is currently taking place in multiple neighborhoods throught the city. Be apart of the change, join at a location below or start a new one!


Below are the current locations where the Chicago Peace Campaign is taking place.

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